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Players listing Ferndale Community Sports Centre as one of their favourite venues

UsernameLast PlayedPark RatingSite RankJoinedProfile
paskal87N/AITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated11 Mar '14 Hello, I'm an 26 years old boy, i'm Italian and I live in Brixton since January, I'm very close to Brockwell Park, and I'm very please to play friendly match for meet and for enjoy the, I'm available during the morningn from 10 to 12 and in the afternoom from 2 to 4!
rach_middN/AITN 10 - StarterUnrated06 May '11 Used to play a lot when at school then casually now and then at uni before about a 7 year break. Im now pretty much a beginner again trying to get some court time to remind myself how to play!
adcox01 Jun '11 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated18 Feb '11 Available to play most weekday evenings from 7:00 onwards. Please get in touch.
Sylvain02 Oct '11 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated08 Jan '11 I have been playing more or less regularly since January. my level is probably recreational. I'm looking for partners to play in south London at the week-end or on thursday nights. I live in oval so I can play in Brixton, kennington park, vauxhall, clapham etc.
dodgeramus27 Feb '12 UnspecifiedUnrated07 Jul '11 I'm a freelance writer and keen sportsman; only got into tennis a few years back but like to think my technique's pretty sound. Looking for partners to play in/around Brixton (e.g. Brockwell, Ferndale, Ruskin, Clapham). Can play most days after 12pm. Ta!
ALT13 Jul '12 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated27 Jul '10 I'm a female, 33, used to play a lot when I was younger and now trying to get back into it again. I live in Brixton - ideally like to play at the courts on Ferndale Road, but also happy to play in Brockwell Park/Clapham Common/anywhere else round there - or also anywhere more central. I can play som...
amonks17 Nov '12 ITN 9 - RecreationalUnrated15 Dec '10 I live in Dulwich and I am available to play at weekends (and possiby some weeknights). I'm 29 years old and I have been playing on and off for a while. I have had a few lessons, but would describe myself as a recreational or lower intermediate player.
HarveySpecter16 Mar '13 UnspecifiedUnrated28 Feb '13 Hi, I'm Mo. Really keen to get back into Tennis. 31/M/intermediate level. Live in Clapham Common, happy to play anywhere south west london. Happy to play any evening after 6:30pm or any weekend. Mob: 0751 552 3407 I have recently moved to London so dont know many people that play Tennis so I am alw...
shaun198412 Sep '13 ITN 6 - Middle Intermediate34726 Jul '11 Hi there... started playing tennis about 18 months ago. Looking for playing partners in South London - Brockwell Park, Burgess Park. Imperial War Museum, Ferndale Sports Centre etc.... I play at an intermediate level and am available evenings and weekend. Cheers Shaun
rebaal8329 Mar '14 Unspecified54505 Jul '11 29 Year Old Male good standard. Keen to play some competitive matches- available evenings and most weekends for games. Closest court are Clapham Common and Oval/ Kennington Park but willing to travel anywhere nearby!
zimby12 Apr '14 Unspecified56921 Aug '12 Hi 075 278 13079- I'm passionate about all things tennis, enjoy the game and looking for hitting partners who are intermediate / improver. Happy to have good practice sessions and not only matches. I also run tennis holidays and all booked for Monaco in 2014!!. I can play in various areas includin...

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