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Players listing Leader's Gardens as one of their favourite venues

UsernameLast PlayedPark RatingSite RankJoinedProfile
nathan7128 Jan '10 ITN 5 - High IntermediateUnrated09 Sep '09 Hey everyone, 07850 107179 or I'm Nathan & have played tennis on & off since age 16 (now 39). Able to play weekdays, mornings, afternoons, evening & at short notice. Although perhaps a little shy on match fitness, I am a reasonable mid-high club standard. Ideally looking...
slice04 Apr '11 ITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated26 Jan '10 Out of action for the next 6 months due to motorcycle accident in March 2011. Intermediate player (ITN7) Based in Fulham, available most weekdays (including winter). Short notice is fine too (as I work from home nearby). Nearest courts to me are South Park and Bishops Park, will consider others i...
Will Mowlam15 Sep '14 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated27 Aug '10 I play at Sheen Common and Barnes Recreation Ground, daytime weekdays mostly. Tend not to travel too far from Putney. Parking available at both courts. Feel free to text me (07904365955) anytime and let's have a match, a hit or even drills if you want to concentrate on some aspect of your game.
bricesh29 Mar '13 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated10 Jul '12 Been playing for four or five years. I hit the ball well enough in practice sessions but everything falls apart in matches. Hopefully more match experience will help with that! If not, there's always equestrian vaulting...
sgtennis01 Oct '10 ITN 5 - High IntermediateUnrated21 Apr '09 

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Preferably play weekends or alternatively after 1900hrs during the week - anywhere around with courts.
alex_the_hombre30 Nov '99 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated08 Sep '10 Am always looking for players for fun and friendly tennis banter. Currently living in Putney, South West London. Am an average player and generally love most sports. Let me know if you're up for a game!
Katie9919 Mar '12 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated09 Mar '11 Hey, looking for players ideally in Putney, but Barnes, Wandsworth and Wimbledon too. Week day evenings best, or weekends... the job gets in the way.
Bama17 Mar '13 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated04 Oct '11 Female opponents only please. 54 yr old lady able to play weekdays, some weekends. Prefer Roehampton Playing Fields, Wimbledon Park, Sheen Common.
bobkate28 Aug '10 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated17 Feb '10 I am more of an 'improver' rather than a beginner. I love to play and am around all of July and August for games in South West London.
jackg25 Jun '14 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated06 Jul '12 I am keen 25yr old tennis player based in Barnes, I am free most weekdays and I prefer singles matches to doubles
LaurentG03 May '10 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated06 Aug '09 Intermediate player based in SW London. I can play some evenings Mon-Fri and at weekends. Putney area
IanSW630 Jun '13 ITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated16 Aug '09 Don't live in London anymore.
aloersch30 Nov '99 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated04 Apr '10 
pierfra7624 Sep '14 ITN 9 - RecreationalUnrated22 May '14 

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