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Players listing Thistleworth LTC as one of their favourite venues

UsernameLast PlayedPark RatingSite RankJoinedProfile
omjaikali21 Jun '14 ITN 4 - Top Club LevelUnrated09 Jan '11 At uni now in Loughborough, but still available during holidays (summer, winter and easter). Especially looking for matches in next few months - until mid-September. Hoping to play singles matches against similar or higher ability players, male or female. My ratings about ITN 4/5. 21, female.
ursula9918 Feb '11 ITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated22 Aug '07 Hi. I live in High Wycombe but am occasionally in London. Get in touch if you want to play!
bushraf29 Dec '09 ITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated10 Feb '09 I live in Wandsworth SW18 and play at an intermediate level. Have restarted after a long gap and would like to play more regularly and enter some league games. I'd like to find a partner who can play atleast twice a week.
Vicky8430 Nov '99 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated01 Oct '13 Mostly play recreational singles matches with similar level opponents. Played relatively frequently in 2013, perhaps one match a week on average. Hard hitter, primarily baseline but can play an array of shots and sustain long rallies. Looking to find some new opponents in the hounslow/isleworth are...
Cazuza10030 Nov '99 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated11 Mar '11 I'm middle thirties male player, good intermediate skills, looking to play weekendsl or after 7pm Mon- Wed. I am playing at Thistleworth Club TW7 - Osterly Park I can ride a motorbike and can travel. I can often play at short notice. If you fancy a tennis match, send me a txt or a phone call or ema...
andjoel30 Nov '99 ITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated23 May '13 Ive been playing for a few years and play doubles league matches sometimes. Im kind of middle intermediate level. I live in Isleworth. I hit a two handed backhand.

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