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Players listing Hurlingham Park as one of their favourite venues

UsernameLast PlayedPark RatingSite RankJoinedProfile
duniad22 Aug '14 ITN 5 - High IntermediateUnrated14 Aug '14 Searching for players around the same level as me (ITN 5/6), anywhere near Paddington, Queens Park, Westbourne Park or Fulham. Can play throughout the day on weekdays and weekends. Looking to play as much as possible!
AntonioB09 Jul '14 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated25 Apr '13 37yo male, Brazilian, playing for 2 years. Recreational level, not overly competitive but play seriously. Love tennis and can travel a bit to play (based in Putney). Flexible schedule.
cappers15 Dec '13 ITN 9 - RecreationalUnrated10 Jul '13 Always up for a game in the evenings and weekend. Im not quite a beginner but I dont want to call myself intermediate either as I have a weak serve.
Chrispy24 Sep '13 ITN 5 - High IntermediateUnrated28 Aug '12 Hello I'm back playing after a few years off and am very keen to meet a group of players who hit regularly. My NTRP level (google it) would be somewhere between 4 and 5, and I'll be back at 5 in a few months. I live in Earlsfield and work in Piccadilly, and I'm very keen to play singles or double...
sewood08 Jul '13 ITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated30 Jun '09 Simon (27) living in Fulham area. Played squash at club level for many years and now trying my hand at tennis. Able to hold a decent rally but there's still much room for improvement! Not really playing as much as i'd like, so any low intermediate games would be great to play. Can play any week...
lvladov11 Nov '12 UnspecifiedUnrated25 Sep '11 I m enthusiastic about tennis. Take lessons now and then. Consistent rallying. Rating 6 I gues.Can play in south west London. Live in south Fulham
shane2705 Oct '12 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated11 Jul '09 My name is Cedric, I'm 29. I would be interested in playing tennis at a recreationnal level. Ideally I want to find 1 or 2 mates with the same standard, in order to be able to play 3 or 4 times a month.
jrmogg31 Aug '11 ITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated21 Jun '11 Based in Fulham, recently moved into London and keen to play regularly. Mainly free weekday evenings.
Samoil25 Jul '11 ITN 5 - High IntermediateUnrated21 Sep '08 I am a tennis enthusiast and have been coaching my son since he was 8 years of age and in the process have become very enthusiastic about the game. I am happy to help beginners/intermediates improve their game, consistency and tactics or just hit for fun. I am currently only available on the weeke...
2BareDucks03 Feb '11 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated18 Jan '11 Looking to start playing some tennis! Used to play a little at school, but havent played in about 12 Years - hopefully this will change shortly. Hard to put a level on my play as its been so long - ill shoot for 'good recreational' for now. Will update after my first few games.
johnmidtown01 Jun '10 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated03 Oct '09 New to London and still trying to improve my tennis game. I am probably a notch above "novice" but certainly not considered worthy of "ranking". I played in Atlanta in an "Ultimate League" (online matching of players organized into geographical divisions) and moved beyond the first level for men's...
adamlaing09 Nov '09 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated13 Aug '08 Relatively new to tennis but love it. 26, male, live in Fulham and just like to get on the court. I'm trying to play around once a week to get the skills up.
RMM23 Sep '09 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated09 Jul '09 I live in SW10 and play a improving beginner game of tennis. I would likely be rated around 8-9's and am looking for matches to brush up on skills and get better. Please contact me if you would like a friendly match and a confidence boost. Ryan 07904 861 632
susan13 Sep '09 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated25 Jan '09 I'm a recreational player, (27y.o female) keen to have a hit around the local SW6 area.
easydoesit30 Jul '09 ITN 4 - Top Club LevelUnrated21 Apr '07 I'm Simon, age 35, MOVED TO CHINA! WIll say when back in UK, anyone visiting Suzhou/ Shanghai give me a shout! Email:
hotravco17 Mar '09 ITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated15 Mar '09 Looking for someone/some people to play tennis with at Hurlingham Park (Public) Courts preferably during the day weekdays/weekends. I am 54 year old male and am looking to really do something about my fitness this year! Prefer Hurlingham, but would consider South Park or other in Fulham area.
gaborsziklaN/AITN 3 - County StandardUnrated28 Sep '08 Hi, I live in SW6(Hammersmith/Fulham and work at W1j next to Hyde park. I was plying tournaments until 18 than I went to university where I played in the university team in the USA. Was tennis-camp trainer in Spain during the last two summers. Made Tennis-Instructor curse.I still play regional li...
jesspikeN/AITN 3 - County StandardUnrated26 Mar '08 Hi, I'm 24 and used to play to county level until the age of 19. Am looking to play socially for fun, as would love to get back into tennis. Used to have a high LTA rating but would dread to think what that might be now. Evenings and weekends would be best. I live and work near Battersea/Clapham ...
NickLLN/AITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated09 Oct '08 37 year old based in Fulham. Walking distance from the courts at Hurlingham and South parks; can also do Bishops park. Have not played at all so far this year and would like to get back on the court. Just looking to have an enjoyable game of tennis, keep fit and improve my game.
alistairN/AITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated06 Jun '10 i am up for a friendly game in South West London... evenings and weekends... i have a car so am happy to travel sometimes... my local courts are at bishops park (off fulham palace road). I am competitive in nature, like to be challanged and have fun with it... ready?
EmminaN/AITN 7 - Low IntermediateUnrated30 Apr '14 Hello, I am a lower-intermediate player, I can have good rallies but I am not very strong and my service is not powerful yet. I live in Chelsea therefore have a preference for Battersea, Parsons Green, Hyde Park or Holland Park courts.
AnutkaN/AITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated11 May '10 Female, looking for tennis rallying for practice initially rather than game play. I can rally reasonably well, but would like to improve my accuracy and do lots of practice. OK to play week - evenings after 7; weekends all day.
BIKCVFULN/AITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated13 Mar '09 Hi there, I am 30+ Male, live very close South Park & Hurlingham Park court near Fulham. I want to play both Satuday and Sunday, every weekend. If anybody is intersted & serious to play together regularly - please let me know.
Arif44N/AITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated11 Apr '12 Hi, I'm Arif and i live in Leytonstone.. love Tennis!! i'm looking forward to improve as well as have fun on court :) prefer playing near E11 but willing to travel Around London to see and experience different courts!!
leandroN/AITN 4 - Top Club LevelUnrated28 Sep '08 I have been playing for many years both as a competitor and as a coach. I am a Brazilan licented coach. Live in fulham and looking for anybody interesting in playing. email:
NelidaN/AUnspecifiedUnrated24 Feb '13 I'm form Spain but currently I live in London, in Southfields. I'd like to start in tennis. So, I'd like to meet a coach or join a group of beginners to learn the sport. I'm 28 years old.
saclirN/AITN 8 - Good RecreationalUnrated01 May '08 Hi, I am looking for join a tennis club to initially play friendly's but would also like to improve and see where it takes me.
richardjgN/AUnspecifiedUnrated31 May '10 Available to play evenings or weekends. Nearest courts are Burton Court/Battersea.
amelialeventhorpeN/AITN 6 - Middle IntermediateUnrated21 Feb '15 

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