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London Tennis Leagues
Please note that these leagues are provisional until August 03. This is to give all players a chance to review the leagues and send feedback regarding the division in which they have been placed and to raise any other concerns.

Please note that if you are a first-time league entrant without an LTA rating, your first season may need to be in a lower division than your preference in order to provide us with an idea of your level and to be fair to other players who have worked their way up the leagues. After your first season, however, it is possible to jump more than one league if your level demands it.

If you have signed up for a league and cannot find yourself in the list, the most likely explanation is that you have not yet been assigned to a division, and your name will appear shortly. However, please feel free to contact us via the feedback system to get clarification.
The leagues will start on . Please visit the league registration page to sign up.
NOTE: Win and Loss results refer to the player in the leftmost column.
Wow = Walkover win, Wol = Walkover loss.

North London Men & Mixed Division 1

North London Men & Mixed Division 2

North London Men & Mixed Division 3

North London Men & Mixed Division 4

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