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UsernamePlayedWonLast PlayedSite RankJoinedProfile
herve127196508 Jul '18 37830 Jul '07 To my 500 unique opponents Thank you all Looking forwards my next 500
marksss53941504 Jan '12 Unrated30 Sep '08 
falcon50540001 Jun '14 7820 Jun '09 back to match-fit status , available to play on weekends or after 6 pm in north london. text me or call me at; 07952740902 competitive matches outdoors only, no available for hitting or practice.
mojave61139408 Apr '18 624 May '09 Lost in transition.
arsenall34628113 Jul '14 1920 Feb '09 I'm back and ready to play anybody
lelotusbleu40224919 Jul '14 12213 Jul '09 Live in Stoke Newington, can cycle reasonable distances. Available at short notice. Work from home, so good to play any time Monday to Friday. Best to send me a msg here.
golaz29024723 Jul '14 218 Nov '04 MATCHES ONLY !!!! Looking for a solid players Member of David Lloyd (raynes park) but can play anywhere in wimbledon area MATCHES ONLY !!!!
lucskywalker43424628 Jul '18 7518 Oct '08 Live in Battersea, have been playing tennis for couple of years, always looking for a game anywhere in south west London, but also willing to travel reasonable distance.
agre0729023324 Jun '14 2708 May '08 Available to play during the week after 7pm and weekend.
chunyuen33522614 Jul '14 18011 Jun '09 hello guys, anyone if interested to play with me let me know... 07949 777 501 cheers chun
ROSTUKR29621412 Apr '14 8109 Apr '09 I recently moved to Finchley Central area and prefer to play at Arnos Park but could also travel sometimes. Though I work full-time I always try to squeeze tennis into my active lifestyle. Motivated and fit but lack some consistency playing tennis. Therefore, would like to play more regularly and im...
chicaiza30120301 Jun '14 6204 Mar '11 hi i am available just in the weekend from now very early in the morning from 9;00 if yu want a match text me please thanks bye finsbury park my closest court
JMBus32919814 May '18 34114 Sep '08 CROYDON based, and I am looking for players in this area. I am willing to travel but not far just south. There are fine courts around Croydon for FREE. Just to BE CLEAR : I enjoy playing the game, I am not very competitive prefer long rallies and lots of running around but still will fight.I use t...
MichaelD34019507 Jul '14 30824 Oct '08 Determined to lose old habit of losing winnable matches. Prefer to play during the week, as I work mainly from home. Can easily get to Arnos Park or Broomfield Park or other courts accessible towards the northern end of the Piccadilly Line (I live in Bounds Green and don't own a car).
Simonsway42918317 Mar '14 27201 Nov '11 
dominicN127217008 Apr '18 4918 May '07 LTA 5.1 rated player looking for decent opponents to drill and have competitive hits with
nickolay26516307 Jul '14 36416 Jun '08 Male, 35 yrs old, based in Bounds Green N22, Recreational player, Started playing in 2008. Seeking singles matches preferably in the North London area. Get in touch.
kinr0334035616230 Aug '18 42531 Mar '08 I am 30. Play between from sunrise until the sunsets. Interested in good singles matches with friendly and competitive individuals; male or female with a decent serve & rallying skills. Like to play in courts"Southfields recreational ground" 15mins walk from "Turham Green tube station" and 10mins wa...
LeeM200326316205 Apr '14 5028 Jul '03 Based in Fulham and have been playing tennis since I was a junior tennis player. If you fancy a hit/game drop me a mail. Always keen to play and don't mind travelling.
twan7018216010 Oct '13 327 Aug '08 __''''__ !!!! good bye london all the best to everyone !!!
niallcostigan22115715 Jul '14 525 Sep '08 play mainly at Burgess Park Cheap (£5 an hour ) courts will new lights. Also play at ladywell fields (free). like good competitive matches
mauricio endler21015522 May '14 20804 Oct '11 Very keen player based in West London, I can travel a reasonable distance for a good game.
bermejo15815119 Oct '11 Unrated11 Oct '08 Back in my Country.
stuartpurch26613618 Jun '14 37930 Aug '06 Hi 50y competitive lower club player, interested in playing a match at my club Greenwood Park LTC St Albans artificial grass courts or at any club within 12 miles of Borehamwood on softer courts can't play on tarmac due to bad knees !! ,am usually free Tuesday's,Friday's and weekend prefer am but ca...
merkaman20813031 Jul '10 Unrated18 Sep '07 My name is Chris, I live in East London, I preferably want to play tennis on a nice day, any type of court will do, love the game, I want to play tennis ASAP and I'm left handed :) If you want to contact me my number is 07742896252, if you send txts please inform me of your username on here.
andygaro21812525 May '14 1013 Jan '12 SERIOUS BACK PROBLEMS
andysw21912519 Apr '14 50315 Feb '08 mainly play south west
kamzee21512120 Jun '14 14020 May '09 Hi All, Improving intermediate player, On a good day my shots are right up there.... So if you are up for some friendly practise let me know, I am a member at Linkside Tennis club.
EdThorn23311715 Jun '14 6611 Apr '08 I live in Hammersmith, and I'm a member of Chiswick & Richmond tennis clubs. Fit, quick around the court, consistent hitter. All-court game: prepared to grind out baseline rallies but I also like to get to the net when possible. I'm interested in either competitive games or practice hitting with pla...
axel12811615 Jul '14 7026 May '08 Get in touch if you want to rally, compete, improve or just exercise. Friendly match players welcome too. Based in NW London/Herts.

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1 to 30 of 16145
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