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Ratings & Rankings

About the Ratings

  • International Tennis Number (ITN) - a common system introduced by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) allowing players to rate themselves using a ten-point scale.
  • LTA Ratings - a rating given by players who have registered with the Lawn Tennis Association. Results against other LTA-rated players are submitted to the LTA for a rating calculation.
  • London Tennis site rankings - our own system that ranks players based on the results against other London Tennis players. Please see the FAQ for further details of this system.

Internation Tennis Number (ITN)

You can change your ITN rating at any time on the site settings page.

Players without an LTA rating (see below) can select their own rating based on the International Tennis Federation's International Tennis Number (ITN) rating system.

The bands used by London Tennis are described below. The words in italics have been added by London Tennis to help you further make a judgement as to your rating.

We encourage you to visit - here you will find in-depth information about this rating system.

ITN 10 - Starter

This player is new to playing competition and can serve, return and rally at a slow pace on the forehand wing.

ITN 9 - Recreational

This player is just able to play competition and can serve, return and rally at a very slow pace on the forehand wing.

ITN 8 - Good Recreational

This player is able to judge where the ball is going and sustain a short rally.

ITN 7 - Low Intermediate

This player is fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots, but is not yet comfortable with all strokes. Lacks control over depth, direction and power.

ITN 6 - Middle Intermediate

This player exhibits more aggressive net play and has improved court coverage, improved shot control and is developing teamwork in doubles.

An average club player - perhaps occassionally representing their club at a lower division in inter-club matches.

ITN 5 - High Intermediate

This player has dependable strokes including directional control and depth on both groundstrokes. Has the ability to use lobs, overheads, approachshots and volleys with some success.

Probably one of the better players at their club, developing towards representing their club's first or second team at inter-club competition.

ITN 4 - Top Club Level

This player can use power and spin and can handle pace. Has sound footwork and can control depth of shots. Can vary a game plan according to opponents and can hit first serves with power and impart spin on second serves.

Capable of representing their club's first team in inter-club competition.

ITN 3 - County Standard

This player has good anticipation and frequently an outstanding shot or attribute around which a game may be structured. Can regularly hit winners and force errors off short balls. Can put away volleys and smashes and has a variety of serves to rely on.

This player likely represents their county in competitive matches.

ITN 2 - National Standard

This player has power/or consistency as a major weapon. Can vary strategies and styles of play in a competitive situation. Is usually a national ranked player

ITN 1 - World Standard

This player has had intensive training for national tournaments at junior and senior level and has extensive professional tournament experience. Holds or is capable of holding an ATP/WTA ranking and their major source of income is through tournament prize money.

LTA Ratings

These ratings are given by the LTA to LTA-registered players based on results against other LTA-rated players. For more on LTA ratings please go to:

AEGON British Tennis Ratings & Rankings

AEGON British Tennis Ratings FAQs

Site Rankings

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section of the help pages for more information on our ranking system.

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